I Will Review and Improve Your Online Course Curriculum

I Will Review and Improve Your Online Course Curriculum

10% of my income goes to charity to make sure guide dogs, their trainers, and families have a better quality of life!

I have over 15 years of experience designing and delivering training both online and offline.

As a consultant and a manager who is training employees, I know how to communicate the benefits, importance, and outcomes of the training to the target audience.

As an online teacher my courses already received a “highest-rated” badge from Udemy, the world’s #1 online courses market place. So when you have my review your course, you get expert advice.
In this Gigg I will review your course curriculum and make improvements.

Your course curriculum is your course layout.
It is visible on the course landing page and has a huge impact on his decision whether to enroll in your course.
We will make sure it delivers the best value to you and your students alike.

Upgrade (Gigg Extra) options

  • Course landing page review
  • Course assessment tools review
  • Running your own school?
  • Double your conversions or speedup student onboarding with a Chatbot that works for you 24/7. Contact me before submitting your order to discuss.

We needed help reviewing and improving our online course. Yburshan delivered way faster than we expected, in a very professional way. Thank you for fluent communication, quick response time and lot’s of help that will surely boost our upcoming online course.


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